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keiani-enterprises-newsletterEvolution of Social Media

Keiani Enterprises Newsletter Vol. 1: although, Social media’s popularity roots stemmed from, Friendster, and Myspace it gained worldwide acclaim on a different level with the birth of Facebook in 2004. But let’s not forget before Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster the closest web service to a social network, from the ’90s, was Yahoo’s Geocities. Furthermore, social sharing and communication have become creatures of habit and continue to evolve into something quite beautiful. In the beginning, we thought that we were all charting a trend. No one fathomed that this trend would become such an integral part of our lives and modern society. Through the power of social media ordinary people have done extraordinary things.



We live in the digital age. Welcome to the social
media evolution. Move with the time of get left behind. (Keiani Enterprises Newsletter)

The World Wide Web Is Powerful


www-world-wide-webOne of the first social media sites,, was
launched in 1995 and went public in 1998. What bulletin

board systems did for posts, GeoCities did for personal


Within virtual communities and networks, people can create, share, and exchange information or ideas. Corporate messages spread from user to user via word of mouth or social networks and presumably resonate because they appear to come from a trusted or third-party source, as opposed to the brand or the company itself. How big is the World Wide Web? It contains approximately 70 billion web pages and growing stronger by the second.

The best thing about social networking is that its participants are virtually ageless. Everyone from pre-teens to baby boomers is online. It has been a great platform for connecting with classmates and family to build global relationships and partnerships. It is so easy to keep in touch. The world which once seemed so huge is not so big after all. We are so much closer even though worlds apart. How have the world wide web and social networks changed your life? Please share your story in a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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