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facebook-marketing-tipsFacebook Contacts Are Like Family, Keep In Touch Even Off Facebook

Facebook helps you connect with friends both old and new, but if it shuts down tomorrow how will you keep in touch with everyone? This hack will help you do just that. Add your friends to your mailing list and build a relationship with them so you can stay connected on and off Facebook. Are your friends & family, fans, and business contacts there for number’s sake or do they really matter to you? If you’re on multiple social networks and don’t log in much or perhaps you have a product or service you need to get the word out about, read on! By all means be respectful when contacting them and only provide information that is both useful and helpful; nobody likes spam!!! Before following theses steps refer to Facebook’s terms of service to ensure you don’t violate them by clicking here.


It won’t Be Easy, But It Will Be Worth it!

Step 1: Open your Yahoo mail account if you do not have one create one. Click on the contacts tab in the new version of Yahoo and under the contacts link where is says import contacts select connect to FaceBook option. After you have successfully connected to FaceBook and imported the contacts move to step 2.


Step 2: Click the icon gear to the right inside of your Yahoo email account then go to settings. A popup box will appear. After the popup box appears scroll to the bottom to mail version and change from the full featured to basic version then hit save. Move to step three.


Step 3: Click on the Contacts tab in the Yahoo mail old version. Once all of your email contacts appear on your list begin highlighting. Be sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to select everyone. Note: Yahoo will only let you check the box of 500 contacts at a time. So you will need to do a bit of handy work until you’ve selected everyone. Control A will not work for this option as a quick fix. Highlight everything the old fashioned way by holding your mouse and scrolling until you have covered the last contact. Grab the square cursor to the right to finish scrolling and highlighting. Hold down ctrl and press the letter C without letting control go to copy all of the emails and name information. Afterward, switch back to the new version of yahoo mail then move to step 4.


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Slight Work… Your Facebook Family Matters

Step 4: Open notepad and paste everything you just copied in step 3 using Ctrl-V into notepad. Once you have successfully paste everything look at the bottom of the list and remove everything you see from A to Z that has a name and phone number only without email addresses and erase all of such info.

(Example:  Jane Doe       0000000000) Now you should see a full list from A to Z that reads Name Email     NickName                MessengerID across the top. Now move on Move to step 5.


Step 5: Create a new blank workbook in excel. Type name, email Messenger, ID in 3 different columns into your excel spreadsheet. Copy, then paste everything you just edited from notepad into excel. Use Ctrl-A command to highlight and Ctrl-C to copy. Once you have pasted the information use your mouse to expand the rows of contents so that everything will fit into each column without being jumbled.

Next, change the name field to full-name. Keep the email name as is and delete the additional columns that read nickname and messenger ID. In order to highlight an entire column in excel select alphabet of the column to highlight everything within the column. Click the delete box in the upper right of the excel workbook. Repeat this process. Once you are done you should only have 2 columns one that says full-name and another that says email. Move on to step 6.


Life is better with friends.

This is Where Things Get A Bit Sticky, But We’re Halfway There, Hang in there Sport!

Step 6: Click the letter B in excel to highlight the entire column height control -X to cut all of the email addresses at once. Paste them into an empty column D or E. You will need two blank columns next to full name column. Those columns should read first name and last name. Now you should have only four columns.

Full name, first name, last name, and email. The full name column should contain all of the first and last names of the facebook contacts you copied. The first & last name columns should be new columns you created that are blank. The email column should contain all of the emails you copied from facebook.  So columns should be A B C D and E. Next move to step 7.


Keep Moving Forward

Step 7: Now you should follow this link Software to split full names into first, and last name and download an application called Kutools. The 60-day free trial link is here Kutools 60 day free trial. Kutools will separate all full names so that they can be split into first, & last, name. Use first last name and middle name option like in the tutorial… because you will have some names that will have nicknames in the middle or suffixes like Jr., Sr. III, etc., at the end.  Once you have successfully split first and last name columns go down your list to correct any information that may be out of place.

Once you are done cleaning up your list to your liking and the names are separated we will delete a few columns we no longer need.  Because You selected first name, middle name, and last name check boxes in Kutools you should now have 5 columns (full, first, last names, a column with no title which will have the actual last names you copied from Facebook, and the last column should say email. Columns are now A B C D and E. This may seem a bit confusing, but everything should work out in the end. Move to step 8.


Get familiar with Microsoft Excel. It has quite a few functions and it works.

You can do it…

Step 8: There will be a cell in column b that says full delete it by clicking that cell, right-click, and select delete, then shift cell up. Repeat this step for columns C and D along the same row to remove the blank cell in column C and name cell in Column D. After successfully completing these steps all names and emails should be even across matching all of their necessary information. Next scroll from to bottom so see if any names are out of place (i.e. matching Jr, etc. to actual last names because you will not need any middle names).  If you need to delete an entire row of any duplicate contacts click the number of the row of your choice so it will highlight that entire row.

Left click on your mouse to delete. Next, it will take lots of deleting. Copying, and pasting to clean up the list. This will take several hours if you’re a neat freak and also dependent upon the number of contacts.  Be prepared to work at this for hours then move on to step 9.

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Step 9: In excel click, save as and name the file whatever you want. Save it to your desktop as a CSV ( comma delimited) file. Say ok to the first popup box and no to the next popup box. Hit cancel on the next popup box then, go to your desktop to see if you’ve successfully saved the file. Once you see the file on your desktop you can proceed to add it to your e-blast list or email contact list.


Step 10: Now you have successfully saved your contacts. It is easier now to keep in touch with everyone even when you’re not on facebook. Keep scrolling to read additional information on how to upload your list to Gmail. Depending on its size the list may need to be broken down. The tips below will shed a little light on the situation.



Bonus Material For Gmail Users

If you want to upload these contacts to Gmail go to contacts and switch to the old view of contacts. Next, click import contacts and choose the file you saved to your desktop. Once it has successfully imported look to the left you will see the new list it will read imported and have a date next to it. Click on the list then find and merge all duplicate contacts. Finally, click on more and select rename group to organize your list. Don’t forget to scroll to down on the left below group lists and select try another view to revert back to the updated version of Gmail contacts.*** go to the old version.

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Gmail users with far more than 25,000 contacts want to know what’s the maximum number of contacts that can be added to accounts. The storage limit, last I checked, is set at 25,000. Additionally, Google only lets you import 3000 contacts at a time. If you’re migrating to Google from another system (say, Outlook) and you want to export your contacts to a .csv file, keep in mind that you’ll have to manually split up the .csv into files of 3,000 or fewer contacts per file before importing into Google.


Pat Yourself on the Back Champ, Finish Line!!!

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