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This FAQ (frequently asked questions) leaf will tell you a little bit more about us and will answer customer’s most common inquiries. It contains a compiled list of our brands and basic questions and answers. It will be updated with additional information when necessary. In the mean time, all queries not found within our FAQ can be answered directly by visiting the contact page. Current and future pertners, get more help by following this link.


Social media marketing

Please click the radio icon to listen to the audio as it will answer most of your general questions. boom-box-clipart
What I find is working best for clients we are currently servicing is strategic marketing, studying social behavior/ activity, and social media reach. It is also important to communicate with fans and potential supporters via direct message, by replying to comments, shares, and likes. These methods are of grave importance and can ultimately lead to sales for your company.

The Agency

Keiani Model Management

We do not have open calls. Models are seen by appointment only. To enter the site click here.
Arrive at the interview at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time. Arrive with clean hair, face, and nails.
Wear skinny jeans ( for females) and a solid colored black or white tank. Bring a copy of your resume’ professional headshot. Portfoilios are welcomed.
Yes. We prefer model types.
Management, professional training, actor’s slate/ demo reel.

Model FAQ Continued…

We assist with minimal development (portfoilio and guidance. We recommend talents sign with a management company. Our agency’s main goal is booking.
Yes. It depends on whether not they fit the criteria for what we’re seeking. Ages vary.
Yes, there is a $35 non-refundable consultation fee upon setting up a face to face interview. There is an agency service charge for each completed booking.

Additional items:

1. Portfolio development
2. Composite cards
3. Actor’s slate
4. Demo reel
5. Business cards

Some items will be provided by or must be purchased through the agency; others you can get on your own.

Talent Expectations

Fashion women: 5’9″ – 6ft. size 0-4
Fashion men: 6ft- 6’4″ size 38- 42L jacket
Lifestyle women: 5’6″ and above
Lifestyle men: 5′ 10″ – 6’5″
Plus women: 5’8″ – 6ft. size 10 – 18 and must be proportioned.
Fitness men & women: excellent physique
Submission and feedback is a four step process:

1. All talents are to submit via our agency’s website. Fill out the submission form in it’s entirety. Do not forget to upload your photos (ie. head shot, 3/4, and full body image.)

2. Check email all alerts and folders. All applicants will receive a reply whether or not they fit the criteria for what we’re seeking. Response times are reasonable.

3. If pre-selected you will be contacted for a phone interview. The maximum interview time is 30 minutes.

4. If the phone interview is completed to our satisfaction you will be scheduled for a meet & greet.

*Note* During this face to face/ live video interview you may or may not be signed.


Celebrity Scope

Celebrity Scope blog captures a reader’s essence while captivating his/her heart & mind. We enjoy picking the brain’s of your favorite entertainment professionals. Our goal is to scratch the surface of their passions and to dig deeper. This gives our readers a more personal to those they admire. We are passionate about beings who have been blessed with the ability to move mountains with their minds. “Celebrity Scope Starring the Art of You bridges the gap between celebrities and their fans.” For additional information click here.
To be featured on our blog we will either contact you directly or you can reach out to us. If we contact you directly it simply means that we are inspired and would love to help tell your story. If you or a member of your staff reaches out to us for an interview and you are an artist you must have a reasonable social media following & fan base, an epk, and bio for consideration.

Associated Costs

If we reach out to you the rate is Zero. If you reach out to us and have been selected for an interview the cost depends on the type of interview. There are three options: written, minimal with podcast, and full written with podcast. The rate for a written interview that will be emailed to you is $100. If you elect to have a minimal interview with a full podcast attached the rate is $150. The podcast time will be a minimum of 30 minutes. If you elect to have a full interview and podcast setup as a read – a – long the rate is $200.

These rates include research, question development, editing & proof reading. They do not include travel expenses or lodging costs. If you’re in need of other writing services go here to request a quote.

Online Store

Shop At KEI

All of your questions pertaining to our shipping policy, makeup line, collections, and hair care products can be answered by visiting our store’s website directly. Click here
We use global several manufacturers. However, some of our products will ship locally from New Orleans and neighboring states. Products that currently ship locally are Keiani Cosmetics and Melanin Crown organic hair balm. Get more info by visiting our store’s shipping policy directly. Click here or check out our store’s faq page here.
We do not have a physical store at this time; an outlet may be considered in the future. Therefore, items must be brought online or in person… during times we are doing special events or making home deliveries. Click here to shop now.