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Shortly, about us... Keiani Enterprises was founded in New Orleans, LA in the winter of 2010. We are the epitome of success when it comes to assisting our clients in soaring to greater heights. We specialize in creative writing, behind-the-scenes press, web design, and more! Consultations with clients help them fully understand the services we provide and how we can be of service to them. The goal is to help our consumers re-position their brands so that they can become thriving businesses. Ultimately, we will aid them in visualizing themselves among the world’s business leaders.


We believe in going the extra mile when it comes to helping clients reach their full potential. It is our duty to make a positive impact on the businesses we provide service to and the world around us. As a team, we strive daily to provide all-around outstanding service. Our unwavering passion for problem-solving helps us determine what’s best for our customers. “Exceeding expectations… breaking down all barriers.”


Honoring moral and ethical principles is a top priority. Remaining committed to excellence and progress means being an integral part of your successful journey as an entrepreneur. Having multiple levels of skill allows us to leverage your brand. Integrity, commitment, and passion comprise our success DNA. With innovation as a building block, we cultivate ideas that will enable your brand to flourish.

OUR History

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Shop At KEI

Shop At KEI online clothing store launched in the winter of 2018. It will feature "Fine threads from around the globe that express culture, lifestyle & give life and grandeur to today's fashionista." Popular items like Melanin Crown organic hair balm and Keiani Cosmetics are exclusively sold here. Shop today's hottest trends, love your lips, and spoil your hair! You will be so glad that you did. Stay tuned for updates...

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Keiani Enterprises

Our interest in social media marketing & branding began on September 8, 2012. It was something we became quite fond of so we wanted to do more. As a result... a newfound love for coding and web design was born. With our creative writing services, passion for the fashion & entertainment industry, and spur-of-the-moment blogging combined, we later emerged into a full-service agency. Because of our growth, we changed our name from Keiani Model Management to Keiani Enterprises. In addition, we redesigned this website during the mid-summer of 2017 but did not relaunch until January 2018. The journey continues... "While you focus on building your business, we concentrate on building your brand."

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Celebrity Scope

The celebrity Scope blog started on March 3, 2011. What began as stories of self-expression, admiration for talented people, and love for arts & entertainment evolved into a profound destiny. Its new focus is celebrity interviews and news, Black America past and present, and model 101. It's about passion. perception. and purpose. "Celebrity Scope Starring the Art of You bridges the gap between celebrities and their fans."

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Keiani Model Management

Keiani Model Management model and talent agency set the stage and paved the way for our brands. It was established on February 7, 2010, representing models and talent within the southern region. Back then... our main goal was to book multi- talented models and partner with leading brands. Since then... our focus has remained the same, but in addition, we do what's necessary to boost our talent's overall image and provide them with the necessary tools to build a successful brand. "We won't sell you a dream, we'll assist you in capturing one. "

One thing modeling taught me is that the spotlight can change everything.
- Liya Kebede

Melanin Crown

Melanin Crown organic hair balm is infused with lavender, rosemary, and other combined natural products. These earthly creations stimulate healthy hair and promote continuous growth. Melanin Crown’s contents are predominantly comprised of Shea butter, vitamin e, coconut, and other essential oils. It has a very creamy consistency and it smells great too! This moisturizer will fall on your list of must haves.

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Keiani Cosmetics

Keiani Cosmetics is not your ordinary make up line. It consists of an exuberant line of colorful, long lasting, moisture rich lipsticks, lip glosses, lip glitters & lip liners. These luxurious lip colors come in a variety of shades… from primary colors and earth tones to traffic-stopping bright hues that will steal your heart. Keiani’s maquillage is specially formulated to provide beauty and lubricate your lips at the same time.

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The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.Bruce Lee

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Tiffany “Fantasy” Clements is an American journalist and Tastemaker… who specializes in developing creative content for websites, behind the scenes press, and event recaps. She’s also an innovator and the executive director of marketing and branding at Keiani Enterprises full-service agency. Tiffany has a knack for strategic planning and relevant content development, which leverages brands and helps small businesses propel forward. In her spare time when she’s not writing her fingers to the bone, over a Community cup of coffee, she swaps ideas with like-minded entrepreneurial peers in order to grow, learn, guide, and elevate. Follow her via social network by clicking any of the links below. Don't forget to say hello!

As a former model, she has a clear understanding of talent's needs and what it takes to grow from an aspiring model to one of professional status. Her love for marketing and branding was inspired by a burning desire to help others succeed, marketing courses in college, and the "why and how" behind viral stories. When it comes to the importance of customer loyalty, brand trust & recognition... Tiffany gets it. She believes in doing it all with style whilst dressing the part. Hence, Shop At KEI was born.