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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has been created to answer some of your general questions. Additionally… , to better serve you. It will also advise you of the information we collect & how your information is used on this website. You can rest assured that your information is safe with us and will not be sold to or shared with a third party service. Keiani Enterprises’ website includes banners, images, and links from us or our partners.

By clicking these banners, images, or links you can make purchases directly on our website or will be redirected to the actual company’s website where your purchases can be completed. In the event you are redirected, each partner’s privacy policy, etc. should be available for viewing on their website upon searching. If need be, you’ll be able to log into our website and create a user profile via WordPress or your social network (Facebook) to leave comments or replies on blog posts. We welcome your thoughts. If you have special tips feel free to share them with us and our readers. Also, browse especially relevant topics via our latest news. These stories are most noteworthy and packed with easy to do online marketing tips & tricks.

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Once profiles are created administrators will be able to see the user name and email address. In doing so, we are granted the opportunity to assist you at all times. A profile in some cases is not necessary as some guests are allowed to leave comments simply by logging in using their social pages. All comments which contain links or photos will be inspected prior to approval in order to prevent spam. If clicked, all banners/ ads will redirect you to our partners’ websites. Redirection outside of this site also includes our Amazon A Store. In conclusion, all photo galleries which sell products on this site will redirect you to PayPal to make final purchases.